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Material Specialties Corporation is a construction aggregates supplier based in Corona, California. We’ve been providing Rock and Sand in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County for over 30 years. Our tenure as Material Services and now Material Specialties Corporation has seen us develop a strong record of service and customer relations.

Our operations support pipeline construction and coordinate with numerous quarries across our service areas. Our products, sourced from quality suppliers, cater to large industrial, commercial, and residential projects. We’re proud of our extensive selection of rock, gravel, sand, and base materials vital for robust infrastructure. Our range of products are many with all sizes of rock, gravel, sand, and all base materials, including specialty products such as Topsoil’s, Bioswales, Entrance Rock, Rip Rap and filled Sandbags.



We only work with quality producers that stand behind their products. Our goal is to provide professional and courteous attention to every order we deliver. Our staff is dedicated to honoring our commitments. We know that construction issues are common in our industry and not everything goes well on the site, but we do our best to work as a partner and not an adversary.

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